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    If you are looking for a fence company that knows how to build and install a chain link fence, then look no further than TS Fencing Services out of Odessa, Texas. Chain link is a practical and cost savings way to fence a property with a peace of mind knowing that the fence will do its job. Let our experts assess your property and determine if chain link fencing is the ideal solution for your fencing job.


    TS Fencing Services


    We prioritize your needs in every project, ensuring that we meet both your design needs as well as quality standards. We also provide fencing repairs for all the residents of Odessa, Texas and the surrounding area. We work with homeowners to recreate, redesign and repair fences to meet safety regulations. If your Permian Basin fence is outdated or damaged, we will be glad to help you restore it to a modern look at a pocket-friendly price.


    We are experts in fencing services in Odessa, Texas. We work will all types of materials to suit all types of jobs to ensure a quality fence is built right the first time. We strive to provide the lowest cost solution to fencing your property. Our fencing services team can fence your property to provide peace of mind and to increase the value of your property. Every single aspect of the fencing service will be handled by professionals and we will not leave the work site until you are completely satisfied with our work.